2017-18 Board Members

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Mani Dillow  – 6th grader, 5th grader, 3rd grader. We home-schooled before starting Challenge 5 years ago. Talk to me about anything you want including: fun things you like to do with your kids, encouraging a growth mindset, twice exceptional kids, social/emotional/behavioral issues, attention and executive function, and helping others understand your child.  Home School: Cedar Way.

Kelly Guzman – 4rd grader (started program in 3rd grade), a 3rd grader in our home school of Lynndale Elementary, and a possible early entrance 4-year-old. Talk to me about: anything! including: transferring with older students, having students at different elementary schools, sensory processing and attention issues, weighing the choices of early entrance, SENG: especially perfectionism and anxiety, and legislative advocacy. Home School: Lynndale

Co-Vice Presidents

Jen Winckler – 5th grader (started program in 3rd grade) and 7th grader (started program in 5th grade).  Talk to me about: transferring to program with older children, riding the bus, kids with: anxiety, negative self talk, vision therapy (for convergence insufficiency/eye teaming and visual memory especially), executive function deficiencies, underachievement, and SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted) parent support groups. Also of interest to me is helping kids find balance between academics, sports, passions, and emotions. Home School: Brier

Karen Wynder –  9th grader at Lynnwood High School (He struggles with an overlapping spectrum disorder of Autism/ADHD), 8th grader at Alderwood Middle School, 4th & 3rd graders at Terrace Park. We started the program in December of 2016 and so we are still learning the ropes within the Challenge Program here! We just relocated from Denver, Colorado last year so I’m still learning about Washington, too!  Talk to me about: advocating for a child with special needs (exceptional learners or with extreme learning difficulties), IEP’s, the importance of occupational and speech therapy, sensory, anxiety, and emotional and social learning challenges, as well as late testing for the Challenge Program. I have lots of great tips on raising boys, balancing homework with sports/music lessons, and creating schedules for a child with autism that are applicable to a whole family. I use my my certification as a yoga instructor to teach children’s programs geared towards helping children with anxiety and sensory issues. Home School: Hazelwood

Treasurer – 

Tirtha Khanal – 3rd grader (started program in 2nd grade).  Talk to me about: anything such as bus transfer, siblings transfer, before & after school program, working with kids’ homework, & more. Home School: Lynndale


Farhat Shafqat – 8th grader (started program in 3rd grade), 5th grader (started program in 2nd grade) and a 2nd grader (started program in 1st grade). Talk to me about: Volunteer opportunities (especially in-class volunteering), homework expectations for grade 1st-6th , high achieving kids (and how to balance average and high achieving in the same household). Home School: Brier

Brier Terrace Middle School (BTMS) Highly Capable Representative 

Jill Hanson – 8th grader (started program in 1st grade).  Talk to me about transitioning to middle school or any BTMS related questions! Home School: Brier 

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