What does the CPA do for you/your child?

The CPA was formed as a separate entity from the PTA/PTSA when Terrace Park moved from a K-8 school to a K-6, whereby challenge students in middle school separated from their former school body. There was a need to keep students and families connected as geography separated them. Since families come from all over the district to attend the self-contained gifted/hi-cap program, it is not always easy to form bonds that might typically come from seeing neighbors every day after school. In addition, the nature of the students’ learning require differentiation from standard curriculum materials, so fundraising to support such was targeted as part of CPA’s mission. Please see our Mission and Values section to learn about the goals of the CPA.

Families with students in either the Challenge or BTMS Highly Capable program are automatically members of CPA. Board members are parents of these students, and the BTMS liaison position is specifically intended to keep both schools involved with CPA’s mission.

Through the generosity of member donations, CPA supports teachers by providing additional classroom curriculum, supplies, and materials to broaden and deepen subject matter, in addition to monetary support for targeted continuing education related to gifted education. Many personality traits and learning disabilities are common to our students, and supporting our teachers to understand their idiosyncrasies and develop their social-emotional framework is imperative.

Your children benefit directly from CPA on a daily basis, both from the enrichment provided and from the family network connections that promote growing friendships.

We thank you for your support!