Seeking Donations For CPA’s Festival Of The Famous Costume Rental*

Our annual Festival of the Famous is coming up! Students in 3rd and 4th grade have been researching famous personalities for the past 2 months, and their hard work will be celebrated with a festival where they get to dress up as “their” personality. To facilitate this, CPA is hosting a costume rental to help kids find the right costumes.

CPA is looking for costume donations to add to our Costume Collection. We especially need boys’ suits and/or jackets. Any items you collected for your student’s costumes in 3rd or 4th grades would also be great!

Please donate by Monday, May 20th. Collection box is located in the front office at school.

Questions: Christiane Rahbarrad, CPA Co-VP at or (206) 399-2949.

*What is a Costume Rental?

CPA began collecting costumes a few years ago for Festival of the Famous. We hope to help kids (and their parents) in putting together a great costume for the celebration concluding this great project. Our goal is a little fundraising and a little community while supporting our families.

“Race to Nowhere” FREE Showings

The Challenge Parents Association (CPA) is hosting showings of the movie “Race to Nowhere.” Race to Nowhere is a call to action for families, educators, and policy  makers to challenge current assumptions on how to best prepare the youth of  America to become healthy, bright, contributing and leading citizens. Raise your awareness about our children, who sometimes put themselves under so much pressure to be perfect.

Register for your FREE tickets online:

Friday, May 17 @ 7 PM
Saturday, May 18 @ 3 PM
Saturday, May 18 @ 7 PM

Monthly Math Hour & Math Playground at UW

Sunday, May 5, at 1 pm, the Monthly Math Hour at University of  Washington presents “How to Win Some Games You’ve Never Heard Of” by Prof.  Martin Tompa of the Computer Science and Engineering department. FREE math lecture for grades 6-10 in Savery Hall 260.

No RSVP required.

Across the hall from the Math Hour, there will be a FREE Math Playground for students grades 1-4, presented by Prime Factor Math Circle.  FYI, Prime Factor  also hosts afterschool math circles for grades 3-9, and is starting a new summer camp program this summer.

SENG Webinar Event, May 16th – A Multidisciplinary Approach to Understanding and Managing Developmental Asynchronies in Young Highly Gifted Children

Date: May 16, 2013
4:30 p.m. Pacific [90 mins.]
Presenter: Stephanie Meyer, PhD

Children with superior intellectual capacities frequently manifest lagging skills in other areas of development.  A variety of available intervention methods can help minimize the impact of developmental asynchronies on a child’s capacity to express his/her intellectual and creative gifts. This webinar features a panel comprised of a child psychologist, occupational therapist, speech pathologist, special educator, behavioral analyst, and developmental optometrist, all of whom will discuss empirically supported strategies, within their respective fields, designed to target areas of challenge commonly seen among highly gifted youth.


  • The registration fee for this SENGinar is $40*.
  • Full payment is required to complete your registration. Whether or not you participate in the live event, as long as you have registered, you will receive an email the following week with links to the recorded SENGinar and slide presentation.
  • All paid SENGinar attendees will receive a confirmation message within approximately one hour of sign-up. If you do not receive this message, please check your spam folder in your email account. If you still do not see this message, please contact the Program Manager at
  • You will also be sent a reminder email with access instructions one week prior, the day before, and the morning of the SENGinar. If you do not receive the access instructions, please contact as soon as possible before the SENGinar.

* SENG is unable to refund webinar registrations.

About the Presenter

Stephanie MeyerStephanie Meyer, PhD, is a child psychologist specializing in early childhood  assessment. She received her PhD from the University of Minnesota and completed additional clinical and research training at the National Institute of Mental Health and UCLA. In her private practice, Dr. Meyer offers specialty services for young children, including testing for giftedness and developmental asynchronies.

SENG Webinar Event, May 14th – Families with Gifted GLBTQ Youth

Date: May 14, 2013
Time: 4:30 p.m. Pacific [90 mins.]
Presenter: Terry Friedrichs, PhD, EdD

Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (GLBTQ) youth experience much higher-than-average rates of verbal and physical harassment, parental rejection, and suicide. However, these students also have great potential for academic success, as seen by their disproportionately-high representation in programs for the gifted.

This session explains how parents, siblings, and teachers can build on these students’ potential and can diminish the effect of others’ harm.


  • The registration fee for this SENGinar is $40*.
  • Full payment is required to complete your registration. Whether or not you participate in the live event, as long as you have registered, you will receive an email the following week with links to the recorded SENGinar and slide presentation.
  • All paid SENGinar attendees will receive a confirmation message within approximately one hour of sign-up. If you do not receive this message, please check your spam folder in your email account. If you still do not see this message, please contact the Program Manager at
  • You will also be sent a reminder email with access instructions one week prior, the day before, and the morning of the SENGinar. If you do not receive the access instructions, please contact as soon as possible before the SENGinar.

* SENG is unable to refund webinar registrations.


Terry Friedrichs, PhD, EdD, has spent 35 years as a teacher, youth-group leader, and researcher for gifted GLBTQ youth in grades 7-12 and college, publishing 10 articles on these students’ social, emotional, and academic needs. He offered the first gifted GLBTQ sessions in the histories of NAGC, AERA, CEC, and AEGUS in the early 1990s, and since then has actively presented around the nation on meeting these youths’ home and school needs. He currently serves as funding coordinator of NAGC’s GLBTQ Special Interest Group.



A free resource publication brought to you by the Northwest Gifted Child Association (

SATORI Camp (Eastern Washington University, Cheney, WA), 800-999-8363

July 21-27, 2013, Residential, Ages 12-18

Satori (Japanese for “Ah ha”) Camp provides an opportunity for academically and intellectually talented students to experience their first taste of college with others who share their enthusiasm for learning in an academic and social environment.


Western Youth Programs (Western WA University, Bellingham, WA),, 360-650-3308

Summer Odyssey of Science & Arts July 15-19; July 22-26, July 29 – Aug 2, 2013, Day/Commuter, Grades 4-9

College Quest July 7-12, 2013, Residential, Entering Grades 10-12

Also: Summer Youth Theater Institute, Western Kids Camp & Global Connections, Sailing Camp, …


Robinson Center for Young Scholars (University of WA, Seattle, WA),, 206-543-4160

Summer Challenge

July 8 – 26, 2013 (First day to apply – Feb 4), Day/Commuter, Completed Grades 5-6

Multi-disciplinary learning experiences for three weeks on UW campus.

Summer Stretch

June 24- July 26, 2013 (First day to apply – March 4), Day/Commuter, Grades 7-10

Intensive math, humanities, science and writing courses at an accelerated pace.


Cougar Quest (Washington State University, Pullman, WA), 509-335-1235

Registration opens in March 4 for returning campers; March 5 for new campers

July 14-19, 2013, Residential, Grades 7-9

July 21-26, 2013, Residential, Grades 9-12


Camp Metamorphosis (Whitworth University, Spokane, WA)

July 8-12, 2013, Day/Commuter, Entering Grades 4-6

Camp Metamorphosis is where gifted and talented youth can be unique individuals excelling together! Who am I? What are my specific gifts and talents? What can I know about my place in the world? At Camp Metamorphosis, gifted youth find many answers to these questions while exploring interesting academic areas.


Summer Institute for the Gifted (Redmond, WA & Nationwide)

3-week sessions, Day/Commuter, Ages 4-12

3-week sessions, Residential, Ages 9-17

Day program for ages 4-12 held at the Overlake School in Redmond, WA. Kids choose 3 classes to dive into, they have a 90 minute period for each class every day for 3 weeks, plus an arts/drama/sports elective. They also have residential programs at various colleges for ages 9-17, closest sites are in CA.


Center for Talented Youth (Seattle University & Nationwide)

Session 1: June 23 – July 12; Session 2: July 14 – August 2, Residential, Grades 5-12

Session 1: June 23 – July 12; Session 2: July 14 – August 2, Day/Commuter, Grades 2-6

Starts registering January 16. Must qualify ahead of time with CTY’s Talent Search testing process.

John Hopkins University sponsors these programs. They just started offering a residential program for grades 7 and up at Seattle University last summer. They have day programs for kids starting in 2nd grade, but nothing in the Pacific NW, closest is CA. Really outstanding program, go deep on one topic for the whole 3 week session.

Also offer online courses year round:

Also offer family educational travel program:


Education Program for Gifted Youth Summer Institutes (Stanford, CA)

June 23 – August 10, 2-4 week sessions, Residential, Ages 11-17

Hosted at Stanford university, the EPGY Summer Institutes are two-to-four-week residential programs for academically talented and motivated middle and high-school students. The Summer Institutes provide an opportunity for these students to pursue their intellectual curiosity and meet others who share their interests and abilities. Participants are enrolled in a single intensive-study course, taught by a Stanford instructor, and covering topics not typically presented at their grade level.

Also offer online courses year round:


Institute for Educational Advancement (Pasadena, CA)

Yunasa West (Sedalia, Colorado), June 9 – June 16, 2013, Residential, Ages 10-14 Yunasa (Fenton, Michigan), July 21 – July 28, 2013, Residential, Ages 10-14

Yunasa, the Lakota word for ‘balance,’ is a week-long summer camp for highly gifted youth between the ages of 10 and 14. IEA’s pioneering Yunasa summer camps unite students with experts in the social and emotional development of highly able youngsters. In a nurturing setting, campers explore and grow the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social, and physical aspects of their lives. Yunasa provides a fun-filled summer camp geared toward the uniqueness of gifted children while having all the fun and enjoyment of a traditional summer sleep away camp.

Academy (Pasadena, CA)

June 17 – July 5, July 15 – August 1, Day/Commuter, Grades 2-8

IEA’s Academy was designed based on the belief that gifted children learn best when provided with compelling content and appropriate challenge taught at a flexible pace.

Apprenticeship (various sites in CA)

3-week sessions, June 16 – Aug 10, Residential, High School

Provides gifted high school students with an invaluable and intensive learning opportunity working with teams of professionals in medicine, industrial design, science, law and business at some of the nation’s leading universities, corporations, and research facilities.


Davidson Institute for Talent Development (Reno, NV)

THINK Summer Institute, July 13-Aug 3, Ages 13-16

Intense three-week residential summer program offers exceptionally gifted 13- to 16-year-old students the opportunity to earn up to six transferable college credits.

Davidson Summer STARS, Ages 8-12

Must apply to be a Davidson Young Scholar to attend. For profoundly gifted 8-12 year olds.


Gifted Education Resource Institute, Purdue University (Lafayette, IN)

1-2 week sessions, June 30 – July 27, Residential, Grades 5-12


Duke Talent Identification Program – TIP (Nationwide, mostly east coast)

CRISIS, Residential, Grades 5-6

Center for Summer Studies, Residential, Grades 7-10 (highly gifted)

Academy, Residential, Grades 7-10 (top 5%)


Summer at Seabury (Tacoma, WA),

Mid-June through Mid-August, Day/Commuter, Grades K-8

Enrichment makes make learning fun and engaging for children entering kindergarten through grade 8. Seabury School is an independent school serving highly capable children from preschool through middle school.


Evergreen School (Shoreline, WA)

1-week camps June 17 – August 23, Day/Commuter, Ages 4-15

Many topics to choose from, run by the Evergreen School: specializing in the education of highly capable children, Preschool – Grade 8, since 1963.


Open Window School (South Bellevue, WA)

July 8 – August 9, 1-week camps, Day/Commuter, Grades K-6 (Grades 7-12 Teacher Assistant program)

Many topics to choose from, run by Open Window School: the only eastside independent school dedicated to meeting the needs of gifted students Kindergarten through Eighth Grade.


Soundview School (Lynnwood, WA)

1-week camps June 17-August 2, Day/Commuter, Ages 3-14

Not specifically a gifted school, but runs a curriculum about a year ahead, and is the only International Baccalaureate World School for elementary grades in the Seattle area.



Internal Drive Camps (Univ of WA Seattle & Univ of WA Bothell & Nationwide)

iD Tech Camps

1-week camps June 24 – Aug 23, Day/Commuter, Ages 7-17 (UW Bothell, UW Seattle)

1-week camps June 24 – Aug 23, Residential, Ages 10-17 (UW Seattle)

iD Gaming Academy

2-week session July 21 – Aug 2, Residential, Ages 13-18 (UW Seattle)

Intensive computer camps for learning to program, game development, app programming, web design, robotics, 3D Modeling/Animation, Filmmaking, Photography.


Port Townsend Marine Science Center (Port Townsend, WA), 360-385-5582, 800-566-3932

1-week camps June 24 – Aug 9, Day/Commuter, Ages 5-13

July 6-7, Sailing Overnight, Ages 11-15

Our summer camps are filled with exploring beaches, uncovering treasures hidden in our exhibits, playing games, making crafts and hiking through beautiful Fort Worden State Park.


Northwest Maritime Center (Seattle, WA)

A variety of day camps, sailing classes, and 3-10 day live-aboard sailing camps.


Saturday Academy at Portland State University (Portland, Oregon), 503-200-5858

1-week camps, Day/Commuter, Grades 4-12

Project oriented classes held throughout Portland Metro area


Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (Portland, Oregon), 503-797-4661

Various length camps, June 22 – Aug 30, Residential, Grades 2-12

1-week camps, June 24 – Aug 30, Day/Commuter, Grades K-8

Spring break camps and summer camps, many are residential camping experiences in remote locations across OR, CA, and WA.


Camps for Curious Minds from the Pacific Science Center, 206-443-2925

1-week camps, June 24 – Aug 30, Day/Commuter, Pre-K – 9 (Science Educators in Training, Grades 9-12)

Locations: Seattle, Bellevue, Medina, Redmond, Bothell, Sammamish, Covington, Tacoma

Spring break and summer day camps in a wide variety of topics.


Camp Invention (Numerous sites in WA and OR), 800-968-4332

1-week camps, Day/Commuter, Grades 1-6


Destination Science (Numerous sites across King County, WA)

1-week camps, Day/Commuter, Grades K-6


U.S. Space Camps & Space Academy (Huntsville, Alabama), 800-637-7223

Commuter & Residential, Ages 7-18, adult programs, and adult plus child programs


Canoe Island French Camp (Private Island near Orcas Island, San Juans, WA)

2-3 week camps, June 23-Aug 29, Residential, Ages 9-16

Intensive, immersive French language and activities on a private San Juan Island.


Catalina Sea Camp (Catalina Island, CA) Residential, Ages 8-17

Located on Catalina Island in Southern California, Sea Camp is a residential enrichment summer camp with emphasis on Ocean related activities.


Marrowstone-in-the-City, Youth Symphony Orchestra (Seattle & Redmond, WA)

July 15 – July 26, Day/Commuter, Overlake School Redmond, WA, Ages 7-14

July 22 – August 2, Day/Commuter, Shorecrest High School, Shoreline, WA, Ages 7-14

Marrowstone-in-the-City (MITC) provides excellent musical instruction and orchestral training. The program includes string and wind ensembles, chamber music, sectional and full orchestra rehearsals, a daytime chamber music performance, and a final evening concert for all students. Students must have at least two years playing experience, or a minimum of one year of private instruction. Prior to the festival, students participate in a live audition for orchestral and ensemble placement.


Studio East (Kirkland, WA)

1-2 week camps all summer long, Day/Commuter, Ages 4-19

High quality drama instruction, for both beginners (focusing on process more than product) as well as intensives for older and more serious developing actors (including workshops, intensives, how to audition, and several productions). Many of their instructors do very well with gifted kids. They offer courses year round, as well as camps during school holiday break weeks.


Taproot Theater (Seattle, WA)

1-2 week camps all summer long, Day/Commuter, PreK – Grade 12

Drama camps for budding thespians, including specific courses on puppetry, comedy, auditioning, stage combat, Shakespeare, and several productions. They offer courses year round, as well as camps during school holiday break weeks.


Youth Theatre Northwest (Mercer Island, WA)

1-3 week camps, June 17-Aug 23, Day/Commuter, Age 3 – Grade 6+ Youth Theatre Northwest offers a full array of classes and programs to engage and inspire your child. We aim

to unleash creative genius through fun and imaginative play. Also offers a Stage Management program for ages 12+ with workshops and internships.


Centrum (Fort Worden State Park, Port Townsend, WA),, 360-385-3102 x120


April 28 – May 3, Residential, Grades 5-6

In collaboration with artists, scientists, and peers from across the state, students integrate scientific investigations with creative writing, dance, and visual art. The result is a multi-faceted, full-immersion learning experience. For this program, student groups of four to six sign up with an adult chaperone. Groups may come from school districts, with teachers and school staff chaperoning, or they may be formed by parent committees.

Advanced High School Writer’s Studio

July 7 – July 14, Residential, High School

Designed for both AP-level writing students, and those interested in a serious exploration of the literary arts.


August 4-10, Residential, Grades 9-12

Also, other programs for kids, families, and adults


Camp Invention Summer Program – $25 Early Bird Discount

Now through March 30, all who register online receive $25 off along with an additional $5 savings! Click the REGISTER button now to find a location near you!


The Camp Invention program instills vital 21st century life skills such as problem-solving and teamwork through hands-on fun!!!!


Time is running out!

The Counselor-in-Training program is the perfect way for 7th through 9th graders to transfer their experience to the next generation
of innovators.

For more information, call 1-800-968-4332 or visit us @
Our Customer Relations Team will be available from 8AM to 9PM EST.


April 2, 7-9pm: Uniquely Gifted, a FREE presentation brought to you by the HiCap Advisory Board

Uniquely Gifted

April 2, 7-9pm

Administration Building, Board Room
3330 Monte Villa Pkwy, Bothell, WA
(Just walk straight past the stairs as you enter the lobby – you can’t miss it.)
A FREE presentation brought to you by the Northshore HiCap Advisory Board

Presented by:
Sandra Malone-Long, PhD
(Lake Washington Quest program school psychologist)

Who should go?
Parents of highly capable or “gifted” children,
especially if that child has some sort of unique challenge
such as perfectionism, anxiety, intense emotions, a visual-spatial learning style, or a disability of any sort.
(Note that these are VERY common in gifted kids, so this talk would apply to pretty much everyone)

In this presentation you will learn characteristics of gifted learners with unique learning needs and styles.
Parents will learn the level of interventions possible in the school and home setting.
We will focus on the need for team collaboration and targeted interventions.
Noted is the importance of the “home and school environment.”
Most important is for students, educational staff, and parents to be able to identify the “markers of success.”