CPA welcomes you to a new school year!

Our mission is to advocate for and support our gifted/highly capable students, families and teachers in the Brier Terrace Middle School (BTMS) Highly Capable Program and the Terrace Park Challenge Program.

In an ongoing effort to improve communication and connection among our families we are creating a directory for Brier Terrace Middle School (BTMS) Highly Capable Program and one for Terrace Park.  If you would like your information to be included, please fill out the form using the following link:

BTMS Hi-Cap Directory  or  Terrace Park Directory.

Please note that we do not have access to school district information so you need to opt-in specifically to this project if you would like to be included in the directory. We must receive your information by September 30th if you wish to be included.

To save trees and reduce costs we will email directories.  To request a paper copy email

Thank you,

CPA Board

Transforming Intensity – CPA General Meeting and Talk, May 11

CPA General Meeting and Talk 6:00pm-8:00pm May 11, at Terrace Park Commons   (Meeting at 6:00pm, Talk 6:30-8:00 pm.)
Light meal and childcare available from 6-8pm.

Catherine Stafford: Transforming Intensity – An Introduction to Inspiring Greatness through the Nurtured Heart Approach
With many challenging and intense children, traditional parenting and therapy approaches can actually worsen behavior. Learn about a different approach with this respected local therapist. The Nurtured Heart Approach emphasizes positive responses for appropriate behavior.

Read more: CPA Spring Speaker 2016

Other area talks of interest:

  • Sapna Cheryan: Not All Fields Are Created Equal: Examining Gender Differences in STEM; 7-9pm 4/18 at Kane Hall, UW. Registration required. Sponsored by the Evergreen School Speaker Series.
  • Liliana Lengua: Supporting Elementary-Aged Children through Change: Promoting Resilient Responses to Life’s Stresses; 9:30am Weds, 4/27 at Mercer Island’s Lakeridge Elementary. Sponsored by Mercer Island Parent Education.
  • ParentMap Lecture Series
    “Free Range Parent” Lenore Skenazy: Keep Calm and Parent On, 7-9pm 4/19 in Seattle, Jo Langford: Encouraging Smart Choices in a Wired World, 7-9pm 5/24 at Seattle Childrens’  [note: each talk $25 pre-register/ $30 same-day]


WA Coalition for Gifted Education

Posting a January 19th email from the Washington Coalition for Gifted Education. Coalition Membership Form attached: membership 14-15 form

This message has been sent to you by The Washington Coalition For Gifted Education. Comments or questions can be sent to or  If you wish to have your name deleted from our mailing list, send a notice to

The Legislature is back in session. This is a budget year and the session bids fair to be one of the most difficult and contentious in decades; after only a few days there are already red lines in the sand. The Coalition will keep you informed of action on Highly Capable legislation and the budget, as things develop.

Want to keep track of what is happening in the Legislature on your own? The web site has been redesigned to be more user friendly. (After years of struggling with the old site, I welcome the new version.)

So take a look at and you will find:

  • the current day’s calendar of committee meetings, floor session and caucus meetings;
  • several links to member information and how to contact them, important information in order to make appointments for Gifted Education Day;
  • information on what committees are doing, who is on the committee and who is on staff;
  • each day there is an updated list of bills that have been introduced: click on Find Bills and look in House and Senate Introductions;
  • how to comment on a bill;
  • how to set up your own tracking for a bill in which you are interested;
  • links to proposed budgets and fiscal reports;
  • information on going to Olympia;
  • links to the RCW and the WAC.

As a matter of fact, this home page will get you to almost everywhere on the Legislature web site with links to other sites.

We’ll be looking for you in Olympia on Gifted Education Day, March 11th. We’ll be in the Columbia Room of the Legislative Building beginning at 9 am. You can use the room to meet with friends or fellow advocates, eat lunch and leave your coats and bags when you go for appointments or tours (we assume no responsibility for anything, especially electronic devices, left in the Columbia Room however). Superintendent Dorn will address the group at 9:15 am. More information will follow in later messages

We are in need of your financial support as we still do not have sufficient funds to see us through our current fiscal year. Go to to contribute or use the attached contribution form. Thank you to all who have contributed so far this year!

What Parents Need to Know about Smart Kids – Half-Day Workshop

What Parents Need to Know about Smart Kids – Half-Day Workshop

Presented by Northwest Gifted Child Association

Sunday November 16, 2:00pm – 5:30pm
Brightwater Center, Woodinville

**Onsite kids program available for grades K-5, provided by Imagine Children’s Museum. More info below**

Past attendees say…  “This presentation was a true eye opener”  “greatly changed my perspective”
“amazed at how many things applied to my daughter”  “helped me to better understand not only my child, but myself” “I learned so much – despite the reading I’d already done”  “life-changing”
  Satisfaction Ratings 4.8/5.0 – 100% would recommend to a friend

Many parents are surprised to learn that their bright child’s unique “quirks” are actually well-studied social & emotional behavior patterns that appear across large populations of highly intelligent children. Whether it’s refusing to wear shirts with buttons or tags, overreacting to the slightest criticism, gravitating to play with older children, anxiety about trying something new, or preferring a book to a playdate, many perplexing behaviors are common in this population.  Learn what’s normal, what to expect as they grow, and why full-time hicap programs are optimal for kids’ social and emotional development, as well as developing their academic talents. Participants will be seated with parents of similar aged kids to facilitate discussion during the workshop.

$40 registration, $10 for a second family member

Bring your kids!
We have arranged for an an onsite program for grades K-5, provided by Imagine Children’s Museum. Kids will rotate in like-age groups between several sessions including:
  • Solids, Liquids and Chemical Creations: Students investigate the properties of matter and experiment with non-Newtonian substances.
  • Topsy Turvy: Students learn the cultural, historical and scientific significance of tops. They will use a collection of tops to test balance, motion, gravity and energy.

$30 for the first child, $25 for each additional sibling

Note that this children’s program is only open to those whose parent is on site attending our parent workshop for the entire time. There are a few slots for older, responsible students grades 6+ to serve as helpers.  Please inquire at

Topics Covered:

  • The Bell Curve
  • Assessment & Identification
  • Asynchrony
  • Twice Exceptionality
  • Executive Function
  • Neuroscience of Intelligence
  • Emotional Characteristics
  • Intensity, Sensitivity & Perfectionism
  • Overexcitabilities
  • Anxiety
  • Coping with Extreme Emotions
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Food Issues
  • Social Justice
  • Existential Angst
  • Introverts, Extroverts, Conformists & Independents
  • Social Maturity & Social Mismatch
  • School Fit: Level, Pace, Peers
  • Preventing Underachievement
  • Coaching for Persistence & Grit
  • Program Models
  • Learning Styles: Visual Spatial
  • 7 Continuums of Cognitive Diversity
  • Recommended Books, Articles & Resources

PLUS specific activities & discussion throughout to help you build your personalized parenting plan



Spring Pledge Drive

Dear Challenge and Highly-Capable Families,

The Challenge Parents Association (CPA) thanks you for all of your generous contributions this year! So far, we have reached $13,000 and are closing in on our budget goal of $15,000. We would like to raise the last $2,000 in our Spring Fund Raising Drive so that we may fund all the grants for supplemental curriculum and classroom materials this year.

During this school year, we will have given each Challenge and BTMS highly capable teacher a $300 stipend for classroom expenses ($4,800 total).

Additionally, grants we have funded so far this year include: (1) Owl pellets for dissection 4th grade, (2) Dynamath subscription 2nd grade, (3) Novel Book Set 3rd grade (4) Collect, Interpret and Apply (CIA) reading approach training and classroom materials 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th grade (5) Literacy materials for 6th grade (6) Solar kits for 4th grade (7) grant for Challenge curriculum alignment with Common Core Standards (8) Pool party for 1st and second graders (9) BINGO night and (10) Speaker, Linda Silverman. More grant requests are still coming in from teachers.

Lastly, CPA has also funded four BTMS teachers and the principal to attend specialized gifted education training (California Association for Gifted conference) as well as provided funding for fifteen Challenge and BTMS teachers to attend the WAETAG (Washington Association of Educators of the Gifted and Talented) conference.

We are hoping that our Spring Fund Raising Drive will enable us to fund all the grant proposals we receive this year without using our reserve funds which will keep CPA running on firm financial footing.

We are fortunate to have the support of our families to help supplement and fill the gaps and your donations make this possible. We thank you all for your generosity.

Pledge Form March 2014

With heartfelt appreciation,

The CPA Board



Some Answers to “What’s so different about raising a gifted child?”-This Weekend!

What’s so different about raising a gifted child?

When: March 8, 2014, 9:45 AM – 3:30 PM (registration opens at 9:00 AM)

Seattle Public Schools
John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence

2445 3rd Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98134
Map and Directions
Nearby Food and Lodging
Free onsite parking

Keynote by Jann Leppien, Ph.D.

Attention parents of gifted kids! Join us for an opportunity to network with other parents of gifted children; learn from the experts about gifted characteristics and needs; gain parenting advice that is specific to the gifted population; collect resource information on where to get help; learn about the Washington State laws regarding gifted education; and walk away knowing that you are not alone. Click here for program details.

Gifted Ed Day: News & Resources from Coalition for Gifted Ed

Gifted Education Day is February 28, 2014. Join us in Olympia.
★ The Coalition has been active in Olympia for 30 years and for the most part we have been concerned with maintaining state funding for Highly Capable Programs.In the past ten years there have been several efforts to defund HCP entirely and, thanks to the efforts of all of you, the state funding was retained. One of our largest efforts was to get HCP included as a part of basic education and, again, advocates played a large role in our success.
★ As a part of basic education, HCP cannot be defunded. Funding as a voluntary program grew slowly over many years but as a part of basic education funding growth has come to a standstill.HCP is the only part of basic education which has not received an increase in funding and, because of the expansion of the program to grades K-12, per student funding has actually decreased: the same amount of funding is expected to provide services to many more students. As a result:
  • Washington’s highly capable students are not getting equitable access to an appropriate basic education that includes accelerated learning and enhanced instruction.
  • We are worried about losing ground on funding, leading to cuts in services.
  • In the current budget, the state has only allocated a maintenance level $9.8 million using the funding formula from 2007, before inclusion.
  • Districts are spending more than $56 million in local dollars to cover the additional costs associated with highly capable programs.
★ We need you in Olympia on February 28th to talk to your Legislators about the needs of gifted students and the need for ample funding for programs which meet these needs. If you have not already made plans to join us in Olympia, please do so now. And if you haven’t contacted your Legislators to make an appointment, please do so as soon as possible. Available slots are filling up fast. Look at the attachment to our last message for help in contacting Legislators.
★ We pledge to work with the Legislature to meet the court’s April 30 deadline for funding and implementation plans.
Attached is information on making Gifted Education Day a field trip or curriculum day for your students. This information supplements what students may have been learning in class in preparation for their trip to Olympia.
This message has been sent to you by The Washington Coalition For Gifted Education. Comments or questions can be sent to or If you wish to have your name deleted from our mailing list, send a notice to
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or on our blog at

On March 8: What’s so different about raising a gifted child?

Calling all Washington State Gifted Families: Come make new friends while attending a conference designed JUST FOR YOU!

The Northwest Gifted Child Association (NWGCA) is the oldest and largest Washington State Gifted Parent Advocacy Group that exists to bring gifted families together for support and education. The NWGCA’s annual Connections Conference 2014 on March 8 in Seattle will answer some questions you have and some you may not even know you had. Gifted families are encouraged to attend and learn about what makes them different and allow them to meet other families like themselves who may face some of the same challenges.

  • Learn from experts about gifted characteristics & needs
  • Gain specific parenting advice for the gifted population
  • Collect resource information on where to get help
  • Learn the Washington State laws regarding gifted education
  • Facilitated discussions with other parents over lunch (bring your own bag lunch)

Keynote by Dr. Jann Leppien, Ph.D., Whitworth University, Center for Gifted Education

New this year! Spy Camp for Kids’ track for ages 5-12 will provide a full day of activities including code cracking, escape and stealth skills, and a chance to design and create gadgets.

March 8: 9am-4pm
John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence
2445 3rd Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134

Discount registration by February 9, 2014
Adult: $60, Partner: $5, Family of 4: $105

After February 9
Adult: $65, Partner: $5, Family of 4: $130

More details in attached flyer and on the NWGCA website.

Giftedness is a family affair: you are not alone.

UW Robinson Center for Young Scholars Hosting Event Today

Some news from the UW Robinson Center for Young Scholars:

Our 3rd Annual Alumni Speaker Series is TODAY! Friday Oct. 25. Come hear a panel of former students share their experiences with start-ups.Location:
Mary Gates Hall (MGH) 389
Time: 3:30PM – 5:30PMPizza will be served.

The mission of the Halbert and Nancy Robinson Center for Young Scholars (RC) at the University of Washington is threefold: teaching, research, and service. The RC is a leader in the nation for developing programs that serve highly capable young pre-college and college students.

Through early entrance programs we prepare younger students for college and provide them with challenging, accelerated learning opportunities in a vibrant, intellectual community at the University of Washington. We also provide outreach through enrichment and summer programs that offer classes for highly capable Puget Sound students. The Robinson Center is a site for research and discovery of best practice in supporting highly capable young students, and maintains the UW’s position as an internationally renowned center of gifted education.